A new solution for generating fresh water is at hand - 'Planetary Power Generation' (PPG)

Conventional thermal power generation plants (Fossil fueled or Nuclear) consume large quantities of water to provide the required operational thermal cooling. Most such power plants remarkable only operate in a range of 33-46% thermal efficiency.

The PPG process not unlike other thermal generation plants also requires thermal cooling, however our process by design has multiple configuration possibilities that utilize cooling water from other sources such as; salt water, brackish water or water extracted from sewage processing to provide process cooling.

By utilizing an alternate water source our process frees valuable fresh water resources normally consumed by power plants for other uses. In addition our process actually supplements water resources by processing clean distilled water that can be used for irrigation or domestic use.

Fresh water is generated continually by two distinct methods which add additional resources to any area experiencing water shortages.

This new concept 'Planetary Power Generation' by design is a steady state energy source unlike conventional power generation plants that ramp up and ramp down output based on demand cycles.

Given fluctuations in electrical demands in a 24 hour period our system by design takes advantage of all cyclical variations to maximize efficiency as well as revenue.

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