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Energy Solutions for the Third Millennium

There have been many ideas presented and product development for construction over the past 100 years to increase the; comfort of the occupants, health of the internal environment, thermal efficiency within the building envelop and structural integrity to name a few. Of equal importance have been efforts to decrease the; cost of operations (energy) and property maintenance.

Along the way there have been many successes as well as numerous failures and through them many lessons gleaned. Failures perhaps have served to be more insightful than did the successes. As the complexity of construction and products increases, how do you integrate these methods and products into your evolving branded building models?

The bottom line is the bottom line! Innovation requires a departure from the 'we've always done it that way' mentality. In fairness the status quo is comfortable because we know and understand it so well. Some enjoy the challenge and mental exercise of 'new' however some 'new concepts' and 'new products' can be disastrous to your profitability and challenge your reputation. 

How do you posture your brand keeping it; fresh, innovative, stylish and economical to own and maintain. This has been the challenge many builder - developers have faced since some of the first tract home neighborhoods built in the 1880's.

We understand that the pride of ownership is timeless, however buyers continually looking for the latest and greatest. It is important to brand yourself as the most progressive and authoritative source of advanced building concepts. Great plans are always essential and the best planning yields results.

As national & regional builders your challenges are already immense enough, we can help!

Advanced Building Concepts Developer Program

  • Energy conservation consulting
  • Alternative energy integration
  • Advanced structures design training
  • Product, manufacturer affiliations
  • Sales staff training
  • Economic viability analysis
  • Product specifications
  • Third Millennium Global Energy Solutions builder endorsement

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