The Facts 
For the past few Centuries the economies of all the modern nations have largely developed on a finite quantity of low cost fossil energy (coal, oil, & gas).  With global demand significantly increasing, costs have significantly escalated as these energy resources have decreased. The Future of any country or governmental system in the Twenty First Century that does not seek alternative sound energy solutions risks economic annihilation. 

  • The first objective to be implemented should be conservation of existing resources by developing more efficient    methods of extraction and retention.
  • Given the finite current resources of most traditional energy sources, retention or conservation of expended energy becomes the foremost objective.
  • Outside of transportation demands for energy, requirements for maintaining habitable environments is the next largest use of all energy resources.

Therefore the implementation and development of energy efficient structures will facilitate significant conservation of past and future energy resources.

A comprehensive application of our current technology can reduce current global energy consumption levels with-in structures by 70 - 90%.

Alternative Energy  可选能源

The adaptation of alternative energy sources such as; Solar Hydronic, Solar photovoltaic, Geo-exchange systems, wind power generation, and tidal power generation may be viable and cost effective methods of reducing our global dependence upon fossil fuels. 

The geographical location of each project is factored into our energy solutions equation to determine the most cost effective alternative energy resource for your project.

Comprehensive Applications   综合应用
A comprehensive application of technology and efficient construction methods is the only approach to finding viable lasting energy solutions.

Historical observations and analysis has shown any approach less than a comprehensive application will significantly increase the probability of unintended challenges.

Our comprehensive approach weighs;
1. Location/setting        (site assets — solar orientation, geothermal potential, climatic variables & geological factors)
2. Intended use or occupancy of the structure
3. Structural design considerations
4. Electrical load demands (environmental systems, illumination, and processes)
5. Infrastructure requirements and impact.
6. Process considerations (manufacturing, institutional, commercial, and residential  environment)  and future expansion consideration
This type of oversight eliminates the inherent disconnects between the various building/construction disciplines. Our comprehensive approach  will often interface various energy sources and technologies within the structure or project for maximum utilization thus reducing the project’s  energy demands as well as infrastructural demands.

Energy Conservation    节能

Insulation, high performance windows and doors all serve to reduce energy consumption and are a vital part of the energy equation.

ICF Construction - High Risk Zones - Energy Conservation

Each year lives are unnecessarily lost and those who survive are often displaced and injured with damages amounting into the hundreds of millions. Virtually all of this is avoidable. 

Since the time of Thomas Edison's  buildings in Menlo Park  reinforced concrete buildings offered many advantages in so far as safety and strength are concerned.

More recently with the advent of ICF (insulated concrete forms) products outstanding energy conservation through superior thermal performance and unparalleled structural integrity are combined to make the ideal structure.

These products and building methodologies are available for all building types including the roofs. Concrete roofs with pitches under 6/12 can be constructed of reinforced concrete rendering the structure safe from most events.

Engineered ICF structures have already demonstrated survivability in most; hurricanes, tornadoes, earth quakes, fires, mudslides, and floods.

In addition there  tremendous thermal conservation properties the also offer sound attenuation.

Project Development     项目开发
Our unique level of combined experiences in multiple disciplines has equipped us with the perspective of the ‘Big Picture’!

A Comprehensive Engineered Solution:
We offer an ‘Out of the Box’ cause and effect approach to engineering solutions!
The implementation of alternative energy sources and energy conservation designs require a comprehensive approach to finding viable cost effective solutions.

Every project is unique and requires its own custom tailored solution. An integral part of our ‘Development Criteria’ includes financial viability seeking a return on the investment. Our ‘Project Development Criteria’  is derived by  composite costs which include; cost of standard or conventional build out, typical life-duty cycle, and projected or actual operational costs.


Third Millennium Global Energy Solutions


Energy Solutions for the Third Millennium