Planetary Power Generation is a new concept in electrical power generation that meets future power demands and yet as proposed has a zero footprint ecologically. Regardless of your perspective on 'Climate Change' whether you believe in Global Warming or Global Cooling, whether you believe it is a reality or not, everyone can agree that a solution that eliminates any off gassing or particulate matter into the environment offers a better option. While many alternative energy technologies have emerged each has experienced limitations that render them inadequate for any long term steady state solution.    

History - Background
In 2008 certain concerned Chinese citizens and government officials were seeking solutions to their ever increasing air pollution issues as well as creative energy conservation techniques and alternative energy solutions. After a brief first hand study was conducted a group of 'fixes' were created. First and foremost was and remains the expediential growth in electrical power demand as the Chinese economy continues growth and the second was addressing the decreasing air quality which is adversely effecting the health of hundreds of millions. Future healthcare related costs threaten the economy and well being of this nation of 1.4 billion. A group of challenges was compiled to establish a criteria that would systematically 'fix' these interrelated and consequential problems, in so doing discovering China's challenges are not necessarily unique to China and the proposed solutions could be applied globally.   

The Development Challenges

  1. Develop a fossil fuel free power source that would eliminate all pollutants airborne or solid waste byproducts. - 'Clean Source Power Generation'
  2. Develop a technology that does not rely upon inconsistent alternative energy sources such as;  Hydro, wind, or solar nor their variety of unintended environmental hazards and consequences.
  3. Develop a technology that does not promote nor rely upon nuclear energy and the inherent problems such as; nuclear waste, radiation pollution hazards, and national security risks.
  4. Develop a technology that provides site safety for neighboring communities and operational personnel.
  5. Develop a technology that takes advantage of 'Energy Transfer Protocol™1' principles.
  6. Develop a technology that is redundant and inherently perpetually reliable.
  7. Develop a technology that yields the greatest ROI and is economically feasible for all investment types.

The Product of Development
As currently proposed Planetary Power Generation meets all the previously stated challenge criteria. In addition the current concept models are designed to be built in a Multi-output configuration. This design process would utilize excess waste energy formerly expended and wasted by virtually all other process methods. The multi-output approach provides additional solutions to municipalities such as; Desalinization processes, Sewage treatment to soil generation, and process steam to name a few.

Wide scale development of Planetary Power Generation Projects will have far reaching direct and indirect global consequences. There presently is no other benevolent technology with this level of positive global impact environmentally or economically.

The Direct Benefits

1.        Zero fuels required - no coal, oil, gas
      a.   Zero airborne emissions = Zero combustion = Zero Carbon Footprint
      b.   Zero solid waste byproducts of combustion = Zero disposal costs and liabilities
     c.   Zero budget for present or future fuel costs = fixed generation operating costs results in a Stable energy cost basis.
     d.   Consumer Electrical rate reduction by up to 60% is feasible and will insure a captive wholesale market share. (A win for consumers)
     e.  Planetary Electrical generation has greater profitability ratio rate even with lower generation rate. (A win for investors)

      f.   No fuel transportation hazards or associated risks
      g.  No on site or offsite fuel storage considerations, hazards or security risks
      h.  Non-explosive working environment
2.        Zero or near zero plant sabotage risks
3.        Seismically stable by design - failsafe
4.        No requirements for adjacent water bodies and the inherent environmental concerns
5.        Projected cost offsets from rare-earth mineral recovery.
6.        Zero projected budget for environmental compliance issues and expenditures.
7.       Small plant footprint will allow for municipal placement at or near the sources of demand. A typical 100-200MW footprint is 80-200 thousand square feet, a similar footprint to many larger box retail stores.
8.        Redundant mechanical configuration plan allows for fast response time to variable energy  demands.
9.      Multi-output configuration takes advantage of 'Energy Transfer Protocol' to facilitate other processes that can generate additional revenues streams while addressing other challenges to  municipalities.
10.     Many existing power plants may be retrofitted to take advantage of existing base components and infrastructure.
11.      Smaller operations (staffing) and maintenance personnel demand = low maintenance benefits
12.      Lower construction costs than almost all other types of power plants per MW.
13.      Available in most geographical global locations
14.      Planetary Power Generation qualifies as an Alternative Energy Source
15.      Zero to low environmental impact allows for fast tracked power plant approval times and reduced approval costs

The Indirect Benefits
1.     National security - petroleum supplies will no longer be subject to; price manipulation, political impositions, transportation security, environmental hazard potential, sabotage/terrorists that could adversely impact critical power generation.
2.      National economic security -zero economic manipulation potential due to increased or variable energy production costs
3.       Increases global competitiveness by decreasing energy costs.
4.       Reduction in airborne pollutants present and future as PPG plants replace fossil fuel & nuclear power plants.
5.       Population reduced health risks from daily operations or catastrophic failures
6.       Population reduced healthcare costs due to increased regional air quality
7.       Global competitiveness hedge against unstable escalating energy costs
8.       Can replace Nuclear facilities over time eliminating a host of associated nuclear risks
9.       Eliminates future; nuclear waste storage, storage security, storage planning and storage hazard potential
10.   Multi-output configuration using 'Energy Transfer Protocol' can solve municipal waste issues thus reduce operating budgets and related tax payer burdens. A reduction in tax & regulatory burdens would increase or free corporate and individual investment capital as well as disposable income that can be utilized to strengthen local economies.
11.     Wars or disputes over fossil fuel supplies and market pricing is greatly minimized.
12.     OPEC might lose all relevance to fuel pricing.
13.    Manpower, materials and other resources previously expended on the nonproductive side of the electric power production equation can be redirected ideally to other useful improvements
14.     Fuel supplies previously required for power generation will be available to the transportation sector.

After years of research and design a solution to high energy costs is at hand.

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