Third Millennium Global Energy Solutions


Energy Solutions for the Third Millennium

Financial Viability
Financial Viability is the bottom line and a proper bottom line is financial viability.

Why do individuals, companies and nations make investments?   To get a return on their investment, a return is expected!

Why then do many treat energy conservation and alternative energy differently?

Solar photovoltaic power, solar thermal, wind power, geothermal, insulation, high performance windows and doors, light bulbs, heating appliances, air conditioning, it does not mater what you want to invest in, you should realize a return on that investment. If your return on the investment can not be demonstrated clearly you should not invest, it doesn't matter how cool you think it is.

What is most importance is that these energy saving or alternative energy products or methods must stand on there own feet financially.  Only then will these methods and products begin to effectively create a paradigm shift into the global consumer culture.

There are many of these technologies and methodologies available that offer genuine value but have never been adopted as a main stream alternatives to the conventional methods. There has been a categorical failure in societies acceptance of these technologies and methodologies for numerous reasons creating a perfect storm for the perpetuation of the status quo.


  1. Misinformation - one size fits all. This is a fallacy, each technology and methodology must be suited for it's  geographical location as well as available site assets. A cost benefit analysis must be performed honestly weighing the benefits in tangible dollars. 
  2. Lack of knowledge - not understanding the full spectrum of solutions available.
  3. Financial perspective - what is your cost of money
  4. Misguided endorsements
  5. Tax incentives and rebates - These historically are more detrimental than beneficial

In recent years we hear almost to the point of ad nauseam about 'investing in the future' (by concept is not investing always in the future!) how we as a nation and individually should invest and utilize 'green, alternative, etc' energy to alleviate; global warming or cooling by eliminating air pollution. This sounds great, who doesn't want a clean healthy environment for our future generations? The politicians in command of their various bully pulpits propagate and espouse preposterous endorsements of specific types of technological solutions without the slightest knowledge or comprehension of what they're talking about. The uniformed masses nod their heads and say it sounds good, I think.

Tax incentives and rebates are showered and put forward offering to those who for the most part already have the means to invest in these technologies. Yet harsh reality reveals that many times such embracing is primarily for the feel good mindset.

The costs of these tax incentives and rebates are born substantially on the backs of the tax payers, the very people who need the assistance. They can not afford these for themselves because their labors are expended to subsidize the ones who can.  Talk about fairness where is the fairness in that reality?    

We collectively; as individuals, national home builders, or government officials can continue to bloviate until the cows come home about the virtues of such a noble calling as alternative energy and yet never solve anything substantively. How can there be a decisive paradigm shift if we continue employ the same lame thought processes decade after decade?


We are currently drafting a proposal to introduce a new set of mortgage instruments and evaluation criteria that recognizes the value of energy conservation and alternative energy implementation. In addition a new protocol for real estate appraisals and home owners insurance underwriting is also in the works.

 Financial Viability

The key to success