Third Millennium Global Energy Solutions


Energy Solutions for the Third Millennium

Welcome to our website! 

Mission Statement

Third Millennium Global Energy Solutions, LLC is based in the United States of America. Our roots go back to 1977 before 'green' was coined.

We offer our ‘Energy Solutions’ to various governmental agencies domestically and foreign as well as developers for the purpose of preserving and responsibly maintaining energy resources for the benefit of future generations within our global community ‘Planet Earth’. 

Third Millennium Global Energy Solutions (3MGES) - Our unique level of combined experience in multiple disciplines has equipped us with the perspective of the ‘Big Picture’!

Our goal in the formation of 3MGES is to educate and implement proven building;

  • methods
  • designs
  • technologies

that conserve energy resources globally without the reliance upon fossil based fuels and their consequential adverse effects.

We have achieved our goals with these proven existing technologies, comprehensively combined to provide the end user with a positive return on their investment. [ROI] 

We are committed to only recommending products and methods that guarantee results, we do not operate within the land of the theoretical!


An effective and meaningful name should embody the essence of the entity.  

Third Millennium
Instills the concept and reality that we are operating within the Third Millennium. Therefore the ideas and principles employed are not merely the repackaging of the last millennium's but rather a forward thinking comprehensive integration of methodologies and products positioned to solve the challenges of our present age.

Our methods and technologies are applicable globally  and universally.

Energy Solutions
Our primary focus is in solving energy related and interrelated problems, specifically how to obtain more with less utilizing alternative energy sources. To provide a solution the problem(s) or challenge(s) must be clearly identified and analyzed. We also understand the principle of 'unintended consequences', we must be able to anticipate the ripple effects of actions and incorporate a well conceived solution that does not create additional problems. Any worthy solution must include the preservation of resources which obviously requires conservation.

Extraordinary achievements are only accomplished when extraordinary efforts are made. It does not suffice to be good enough, but rather to be superior to all others.

The colloquialism 'OUT OF THE BOX THINKING' is an imperative if we want to solve the complex problems and challenges we face globally in this Third Millennium.

'The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.'  - Albert Einstein 

Our solutions are well conceived to meet our primary objective. Solutions are most effectively integrated into a society or a culture when they can be shown and proved to be economically viable.

We must therefore demonstrate the economic viability of a solution in such a compelling manner as to establish that the status quo is too costly to sustain going forward. Then an expedient implementation process would be enacted based upon and driven by economic necessity.
- Mark A Mazzola - President